Nov 25

SIXX:A.M: finalmente uscito il best contenente sei inediti!

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Mr. Sixx ce l'ha fatta ed è uscito coi suoi SIXX:A.M ed il nuovo best album "HITS" contenente sei inediti. Quattro nuove song (*) e due nuove versioni di brani già usciti (**)


01. Life Is Beautiful
02. This Is Gonna Hurt
03. Lies Of The Beautiful People
04. Pray For Me
05. Rise
06. Stars
07. Maybe It’s Time
08. Skin
09. Belly Of The Beast
10. Are You With Me Now
11. Girl With Golden Eyes
12. Accidents Can Happen
13. Gotta Get It Right
14. We Will Not Go Quietly
*15 The First 21
*16. Talk To Me – Radio Mix
*17. Penetrate
*18. Waiting All My Life
**19. Skin – Rock Mix
**20. Life Is Beautiful – Piano Vocal


James Michael: vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar
Nikki Sixx: bass, backing vocals
Daren Jay Ashba: guitars, backing vocals
Dustine Steinke: drums


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